California Palimony Laws

An Overview by a Murrieta Family Lawyer

Similar to spousal support, palimony is one part of a couple providing monetary support to the other half once the relationship has dissolved. Unlike spousal support, however, palimony does not require that the couple have been joined into a legal marriage. Up until a few decades around, palimony had never even been heard of - and in fact was only coined in 1971 in the California Supreme Court ruling of Marvin v. Marvin. In this case, it was written that while the court recognized non-martial relationship contracts, there had been no such contract and therefore were no grounds for outlining monetary support.

If, however, there is a clear oral or written agreement between parties in which one promises to provide support, there might grounds for a family lawyer to fight for palimony. This is a difficult case to deal with and is often fuzzy. Often, legal requirements in such a case demand that it can be proven that not only did such a contract exist between both parties, but they were in a stable, extended relationship. If there is sufficient evidence to prove this, there is a good chance that a court will be able to enforce the agreement.

Do I qualify for palimony?

If you have recently split with your romantic partner and find yourself in a place of financial difficulty, it is important that you do not hesitate to consider all of your options. At Hanson, Gorian & Bradford, our Murrieta family law attorney team understands how difficult it can be to find yourself in a gray area and we are therefore completely devoted to helping our clients fight for their just outcome. If you have been promised financial support and the other party is not living up to their end of the promise, you very likely could have grounds for a legal suit.

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