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  • 16-Oct-2019

    Does the Passage of Time Justify Modifying Spousal Support Obligations?

    controversial subject in family law. Different states have varied approaches and policies for awarding spousal support after divorce. For example, Texas state policy prohibits awarding alimony indefinitely. Texas courts will only award “spousal ...
  • 10-Oct-2019

    The Problem of Double Dipping in Domestic Support Cases

    What Is Double Dipping? Double-dipping refers to counting an asset once for purpose of dividing community property and again for determining spousal support or child support. Double-dipping typically arises in cases involving an ownership interest in ...
  • 25-Jun-2019

    Why Is Your Date of Separation So Important?

    While most people view marriage and divorce as primarily personal and private matters, they are important legal statuses that state governments regulate. For instance, California has laws prohibiting bigamy, marriage between close blood relatives, ...