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  • 5-Jun-2018

    Can You Get a Restraining Order Removed in California?

    In California, individuals who are victims of domestic violence, harassment or stalking may petition with the courts for protection from the alleged offending party. These court injunctions, known as restraining orders, can be used to prevent an ...
  • 13-Sep-2017

    How to Get a Restraining Order in California

    If you are a survivor of abuse or are being threatened with violence, a restraining order can help keep you and your loved ones safe. A restraining order prohibits an abuser, such as a former spouse, from contacting or even coming within a certain ...
  • 6-Sep-2016

    Difference Between Restraining Orders & Emergency Protective Orders

    It is crucial for a person who has been harmed by domestic violence, or has reason to believe they could be harmed by it eventually, to seek help and get some space between them and the offender. In California, there are two common solutions: ...