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  • 22-Feb-2018

    Can I Get a DUI for Sleeping in My Car?

    Sometimes when people have had too much to drink, one alternative is to sleep in their car until they’re sober again. However, it is possible to get a DUI for “sleeping it off” in the car, especially if law enforcement finds ...
  • 27-Oct-2017

    Out-of-State DUI: Important Next Steps

    Drivers from all across the country come to Los Angeles and the state of California for the beautiful beaches, excellent dining scene and vibrant nightlife. Unfortunately, one too many drinks at a bar can lead to getting pulled over by police. As an ...
  • 18-Oct-2017

    Can I Be Charged with Marijuana DUI if I Have a Prescription?

    Although recreational marijuana is legal in California for residents over the age of 21, there are still restrictions involving the use of it while driving, even if you have a prescription. According to California law, in order to be convicted of a ...
  • 12-Oct-2017

    Do I Have to Submit to a Field Sobriety Test if I'm Pulled Over?

    In the state of California, field sobriety tests are a way for police officers to observe the balance, physical ability and attention level of a person whose been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Officers typically record these field ...
  • 9-Oct-2017

    5 Common Ways to Challenge a DUI

    An arrest for a DUI risks not only your driving privileges, but also your freedom. If you’ve been accused of a DUI, you should know that your defense is an important part of retaining your driver’s license and avoiding community service, ...
  • 29-Jun-2016

    An Overview of BAC Tests in California DUI Cases

    In the state of California, when a person is arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) , they will be asked to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). These tests are ...