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Legal Separation vs. Divorce in California

Legal separation is when spouses decide to live separately but remain married. It is very different from a divorce. When spouses divorce one another, their marriage is considered legally terminated, but when spouses legally separate, their marriage is still legally binding. Married partners may choose separation over divorce for various reasons including tax benefits, medical insurance, and religious beliefs or for other personal reasons. Separation may also give spouses the opportunity to live separate and apart for a period of time to determine whether they will actually move forward with a divorce.

If you are thinking about separation in Riverside County, talking to a Murrieta divorce lawyer is an important step to take. There are many legal and financial repercussions involved, and at our firm, we can provide you with valuable insight so you can make the right choices for your particular situation. Although there are many resources available to you to successfully negotiate a legal separation, it is still advisable to retain a lawyer to help protect your rights and make sure you are not taken advantage of.

Is a legal separation right for me?

The decision to separate frequently brings to light many issues that can affect the couple involved and their children. The process can become complicated when decisions are made on the basis of what is most advantageous for just one of the spouses. This can result in upsets and disputes, which make the choices ahead even tougher. The separation must still address many of the same issues as a divorce would, however, including:

In addition to assisting you in drafting a legally sound separation agreement, we can work toward aggressively defending your rights during your separation so you can reach advantageous arrangements regarding custody, support and property division.

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