Emergency Protective Orders

What is an Emergency Protective Order?

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An emergency protective order (EPO) is a type of restraining order issued by a judge at the request of a law enforcement officer. This is needed when there is an issue involving domestic violence, child abuse, child sexual abuse, elder abuse, or child neglect. This type of restraining order is usually issued after law enforcement has been called to a residence based on a report of abuse. If an officer feels that there is a threat of potential danger after the reported violation, they will speak with a judge or court official to obtain an emergency protective order.

If you need to obtain an emergency protective order, or if one has been issued against you, it is advisable that you speak with a divorce lawyer immediately. Our firm can advise you of your rights and inform you of the terms surrounding the EPO. A Murrieta family law attorney from our firm can also address any questions or concerns you may have about this form of a restraining order and its effects on you and your family.

About Emergency Protective Orders

The purpose of an EPO is the protection of adults and children from abusive behavior and there are a variety of types of orders that court can be asked to issue. Threats, stalking, annoying phone calls, undesired sexual touching, destroying personal property, hitting and others can each be grounds for an EPO. Those requiring the protection of an EPO can be a spouse or ex-spouse, a person you lived with, a dating partner or a relative by blood or through marriage.

An EPO is a very temporary measure, lasting for just days. An additional restraining order will need to be issued by the court, followed by a hearing, for more lasting relief. Emergency protective orders are a legal process best addressed by a knowledgeable Riverside family lawyer who is willing to fight hard to protect your rights. We stand ready to combat frivolous orders issued against individuals. We are equally prepared to fight to keep you and your children from harm when an EPO is necessary against domestic abuse or violence.

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