Why Collaborative Divorce?

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

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A collaborative divorce involves the use of alternative dispute resolution to avoid going to court to resolve divorce issues. In taking this approach, both parties sign an agreement that they will use their best efforts and act in good faith in order to resolve their dispute or disputes without resorting to courtroom litigation. Other professionals may help with the process as well (such as mental health professionals or financial experts), but these would be neutral parties working to support and guide the parties to a fair resolution.

If you are currently considering or are going through a divorce and are interested in taking a collaborative approach, you need an attorney experienced in handling these matters. Our firm represents clients throughout Riverside County, including Murrieta and Temecula, with their collaborative divorce and collaborative family law needs, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you. We can offer you much-needed guidance in the decision-making process of whether to move forward with a collaborative approach and can also offer counsel and information regarding your other options, such as an uncontested divorce or contested divorce.

Why a collaborative divorce?

Are you interested in moving on with your life rather than spending countless amounts of time and money on a contested divorce in court? Are you and your spouse on relatively amicable terms? Are you willing to work together to make your divorce easier and less time consuming? If so, a collaborative divorce may be the best option for you.

A collaborative divorce may offer you a more cost-effective solution to ending your marriage and is typically completed in far less time than a contested divorce. Additionally, you have more of an opportunity to reach workable agreements regarding custody, support and property division if you and your spouse reach your own agreement. If your case goes to court, a judge will rule upon these matters for you and you may find that the outcome is more restrictive.

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