Child Support Modifications

Child Support Modifications in CA

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During a divorce in which the two spouses share a child, the court must decide on proper child support payments completed in monthly installments.

Child support should help the custodial payment pay for the child’s:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Medical necessities
  • Important odds-and-ends
  • Special interests or needs

As a parent, you likely already know that your child’s life is constantly changing. In order to ensure that their healthy wellbeing is maintained throughout these changes, it may be necessary to make periodic modifications to child support payments.

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How to Modify Child Support

California affords divorced spouses the ability to modify child support payments as they see fit, so long as they both are in agreeance. If your divorce was uncontested and the two of you still get along, you can craft your own modifications together. You should still work closely with a divorce lawyer to ensure you do not sign a new agreement that exploits your finances or otherwise ignores your best interests.

If a simple agreement is not possible, you will need to submit a petition to your local family court. The integrity of this petition will determine whether or not the court accepts it. If you do not have a valid reason for wanting the child support modifications, it will be refused or can be easily challenged by your ex-spouse.

Major life changes the court considers valid for modifications include:

  • Unexpectedly losing your job
  • Illness or injury debilitates you
  • Child’s medical needs change
  • Ex-spouse gains additional income
  • Child custody agreement changes

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