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Making Child Support Payments in CA

Child support is a payment made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to provide for their child's food, shelter, clothing, and other important day-to-day necessities. Child support payments must be made on a consistent basis until the child reaches the legal age of 18. Even though a non-custodial parent may be upset from having to pay their ex-spouse, it is very important the parent remembers that the money is for the child and the protection of his or her well-being.

We invite you to take this opportunity to talk to one of our divorce attorneys in Murrieta who can provide you with accurate information about your legal rights and what to expect regarding child support before, during and after your divorce. With our experience and knowledgeable counsel, you have the opportunity to obtain a case outcome that will be best for you and your child.

How is Child Support Determined in Riverside County, CA?

In both a contested or uncontested divorce, the court will require that certain aspects of your lives be resolved in a manner that meets the requirements of the law. These include child custody and visitation, property distribution and spousal support, as well as child support. We recommend mediation or collaborative divorce to solve child support concerns as it allows you to make the final decisions as opposed to the court. When this cannot occur, we are prepared to aggressively pursue your objectives in court.

The court will look at the occupations of the parents, each ones income, other factors which may affect a parent's ability to provide for the child and the living arrangements that have been agreed upon. After the court has carefully reviewed the information, it will decide upon whether the custodial parent will receive child support or not. It is, therefore, vital that your situation be properly presented to the judge by a firm with a proven record of success.

Past the point of your divorce, issues may continue to arise regarding support payments. Circumstances can demand a change in support payments, or enforcement of an existing court order may be needed if child support payments fall behind. It is important to understand the scope of your obligations under the law by speaking to a qualified attorney about your circumstances.

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