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  • 30-Sep-2019

    Differences Between Guardianship & Adoption

    Parents have certain rights and responsibilities regarding the care, custody, and protection of their children. Those rights and responsibilities are the product of the parent-child relationship—a relationship that the law recognizes as a ...
  • 21-Sep-2017

    Stepparent Adoption Process in California

    Adopting your spouse’s son or daughter is a way to show your love and lifelong devotion to your stepchild. It can increase their self-esteem and sense of belonging and help strengthen the relationship. Adoption also allows a stepparent to ...
  • 16-Nov-2016

    How Custody Can Affect Stepparent Adoption

    Adoption is often regarded as a complex family law process due to the numerous legal steps involved. Stepparent adoption, on the other hand, is sometimes considered the simplest form of adoption because one parent is already the biological parent of ...