What Can I Do If I Overpaid My Child Support?

What Can I Do If I Overpaid My Child Support?

Posted By Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich || 25-Apr-2018

Sometimes, the amount of monthly child support changes over the years. So what happens if you end up paying more than you should've?

Unfortunately, according to a case in New York. In Coull v. Rottman, a paying parent who takes credit for overpaying is a violation of public policy. Rather, the court said that the noncostudial parent can only recover overpayment that pertains to stautorday add-on expenses, such as medical care and educational needs.

The following are two types of child support add-ons:

  • Mandatory add-ons, such as employment and educational costs, as well as health care costs
  • Discretionary add-ons, such as visitation travel expenses and even special needs care

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