Blog Posts in 2015

  • 30-Dec-2015

    Mediation, Collaboration, and Uncontested Divorce: What's the Difference?

    The timeline of a marriage is unpredictable and maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse can be understandably difficult. If you feel that your marriage should come to an end and be dissolved, you might not realize it but you actually have ...
  • 2-Dec-2015

    5 Things to Consider Before Divorce

    Divorce can be as sudden as it can be confusing, but that does not have to prevent you from dealing with it on your terms. With proper preparation and some general knowledge about the process, you can really start to understand what is going on, and ...
  • 2-Nov-2015

    Property Division in Divorce

    Whether filing for a divorce was your idea or your spouse's – or maybe it was actually an amicable and mutual agreement between the two of you – you need to start thinking about property division early on in the process. Keeping ...
  • 8-Oct-2015

    What Factors Determine My Visitation Rights?

    In California, when courts come to a decision on visitation rights, or "parenting time," they base their ruling on a number of different factors. Ultimately, these decisions always align with the best interests of the child. To determine ...
  • 2-Sep-2015

    Should I Get an Annulment or a Divorce?

    An annulment is a court procedure that will void or "nullify" a marriage. This is much different from divorce, as it instead treats the marriage like it never existed. Many people prefer to have their marriage annulled instead of going ...