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  • 13-Oct-2016

    What are My Rights as a Grandparent If My Child Divorces?

    It is no exaggeration to say that a divorce will affect every member of a family. What many people do not anticipate, however, is how it will impact the lives of grandparents and their relationship with their grandchildren. As the marriage comes to ...
  • 20-Sep-2016

    How Child Custody is Decided in California

    Divorce can pit two spouses against each other as they vie for certain rights and pieces of communal property. Out of all the aspects of a divorce that can spark a fight and turn it into a contest, there are none that strike as close to home as child ...
  • 14-Apr-2016

    Establishing Paternity in California: What You Need to Know

    In family law disputes regarding child custody or child support in California, it is of utmost importance to know who is the child’s father. Many judges presiding over a divorce proceeding will not finalize their ruling until paternity is ...
  • 22-Feb-2016

    How Can Social Media Affect My Divorce?

    Posting on social media has become a social norm in modern America. Whenever something happens in our lives, our knee-jerk reaction is to snap a photograph and share our experience with all of our online friends. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ...
  • 8-Oct-2015

    What Factors Determine My Visitation Rights?

    In California, when courts come to a decision on visitation rights, or "parenting time," they base their ruling on a number of different factors. Ultimately, these decisions always align with the best interests of the child. To determine ...
  • 27-Aug-2015

    How Will Relocation Affect My Custody Order?

    It is not uncommon for a parent to move to a new area following a separation or divorce. Many see a change in residence as a fresh start, and in some cases it is necessary for employment. When a custodial parent wants to move away with their kids, ...